Department of Social Work (MSW)

Department Overview

Social Work is a professional course provided at Post Graduate level with three specializations Viz. 1.Human Resource Management (HRM), 2.Medical and Psychiatry (M&P) 3.Community Development (CD). The course basically focuses on various social problems and ways of handling the problems at Individual, Group and Community level. This course aims at creating Social Work Professionals with qualitative skills to encounter challenges to create a  healthy and positive society. 

Methodology of Teaching / Teaching Process

  • Class room teaching
  • ICT
  • Concurrent field work training
  • Focus group discussion
  • Case study
  • Peer teaching
  • Guest lectures
  • Webinars
  • Seminars
  • Activity based training
  • Workshop
  • Conferences
  • Individual conference
  • Review meetings
  • Feedback
  • Enhance Creative thinking
  • Industrial Visits

Programme USPs

  • Updated Curriculum – with Global Equivalence
  • Modular Course – Advanced Certificate Course in Family and Child Development.
  • Value Added Programme –Theatre Skills
  • Extra Disciplinary Course – Indian Society and Human Dynamics
  • Certificate Course on Basics in Counselling

Programme Outcome

  • PO1: Wide knowledge on social work in dealing with problems and issues in the society.
  • PO2: Skills in different fields for professional competency.
  • PO3: Platform for social functioning.
  • PO4: Holistic and professional grooming with strong emphasis on values and ethics.

Programme Duration

MSW – Two years

Programme Type  


Eligibility Criteria

A pass in any Degree

Industry Affiliations

  • Ekam Foundation, Chennai-MoU
  • Vidiyal Trust, Coimbatore-MoU

All Programmes

Programme Structure


  • Professional Social Work
  • Sociology for Social Work Practice
  • Psychology for Social Work Practice
  • Working with Individuals
  • Concurrent Field Work Practicals – I
  • Modular I-Indian Family System and Marriage
  • Modular II- Growth and Development


  • Social Work Practice with Groups
  • Community Organization and Social Action
  • Social Work Research and Statistics
  • Employee Welfare & Labour Legislations I (Spl. paper-I)
  • Community Health (Spl. paper-I)   
  • Event Management (Spl. paper-I)
  • Concurrent Field Work Practicals – II & Rural Camp
    Modular III- Social Work Practice with Families
    Modular IV-Social Work Practice with Children


  • Social Welfare Administration and Social Legislation
  • Social Work Practice with Differently Abled
  • Employee Welfare & Labour Legislations II (spl. paper-II)
  • Hospital Administration (spl. paper-II)
  •  Rural Community Development (spl. paper-II)
  • Industrial Relations (spl. paper-III)
  • Introduction to Mental Health  (spl. paper-III)
  • Social Development (spl. paper-III)
    Concurrent Field Work Practicals III
  • Summer Internship (15 Days)
  • Extra Disciplinary Course
  • Modular V-Family Centered Interventions
  • Modular VI- Children Centered Interventions


  • Counselling Theory and Practice
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Human Capital Management (spl. paper-IV)
  • Medical Social Work (Spl.Paper-IV)
  • Urban Community Development (spl. paper-IV)
  • Organizational Behaviour and Organizational Development (spl. paper-V)
  • Psychiatric Social Work (spl.paper-V)
  • NGO Management (spl.paper-V)
  • Concurrent Field Work Practicals-IV
  • Social Laboratory (Assessment)
  • Project work
  • Block Placement
  • Modular VII- Policies and Programmes for Families
  • Modular VIII- Policies and Programmes for  Children

Key Features

  • Social Lab
  • Pre-Employment Training
  • Training on Theatre Skills
  • Rural /Tribal Camp
  • Industrial Visit
  • Swayam
  • Swachh Bharat
  • Extension Activities (Need based Programmes for society)
  • Network with ambassadors
  • Industrial Institute Forum

Student Clubs & Activities

  • CMS MSW Forum
  • Programmes on Gender Equity
  • Skits to inculcate Human Values and culture
  • Awareness on Health related activities
  • Observance of UN Days
  • Street play/Mime to understand and solve contemporary social issues
  • Street play/Mime to create awareness on Rights
  • Educating at individual, family and at community level to mainstream the Differently abled
  • Mimes/Skits to understand the ill effects of Substance Abuse
  • Swachh Bharat
  • Referral Services

Social Lab


Mrs.M.Sreesujathaa MA (SW), M.Phil

MA (SW), M.Phil, PGDPM & IR, NET

MA (SW), M.Phil, PGDPM & IR, NET

Mrs.Anupama Haridas,
MSW, M.Phil, NET

Industry Connect

  • Ekam Foundation, Chennai
  • Vidiyal Trust, Coimbatore
  • Kasthuriba Gandhi Memorial De-addiction and Rehabilitation Centre, Coimbatore
  • National Child Labour Project, Coimbatore
  • District AIDS Prevention and Control Unit, Coimbatore
  • Observation Home, Coimbatore
  • Ganga spine Injury Foundation, Coimbatore
  • Santhula Trust Hospital, Koothatukulam, Kerala
  • CIMHANS, Kannur
  • District Child Protection Unit, Kottayam
  • Central Prison and Correctional Home, Poojapura, Kerala
  • Swapnakoodu Charity Home, Trivandrum
  • Santhi Bhavan, Calicut
  • Global Info Mate Associates, Ernakulam
  • Human Resource Foundation, Virudunagar
  • SAHAI, Coimbatore
  • Coimbatore Network for Positive People, Coimbatore
  • Primary Health Centre, Coimbatore
  • Block Development Office, Coimbatore
  • Krishnaveni Carbon, Coimbatore
  • Shri Ram Karthick Polymers, Coimbatore
  • Louise Mount Hospital, Wayanad
  • Revive De-addiction & Mind Health, Kerala
  • Kusumagiri Psychiatric Hospital, Cochin
  • Bishop Vayalil Medical entre, Idukki
  • Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (IMHANS), Calicut
  • National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru
  • Native Medicare Charitable Trust, Coimbatore

Career Opportunities





  Assistant Professor/Professor


Research Officer/Researcher

 Welfare/Development Officer (like Child/Youth/Women/Labour etc.)

Community Development Officer

 Jail Probationary/Welfare Officer

 Juvenile Justice Board

 Child Welfare Board

 Urban Planners etc

Project Co- ordinator

 Labour Officer

PF Officer

 Counsellor in Family Courts


Probation Officer

Psychiatric Social Worker

School Social Worker


 Vocational Rehabilitation

Counselor etc.

Area Manager

Fund Raiser

Social Worker


Resource Mobilizer

Training Coordinator

Development Professional

 Manager – HR

Manager – Personnel

 Manager – Welfare

 Executive Trainee

 Labor Welfare Officer

 Personnel Officer

 Administrative Officer

Labour Officer

PF Officer

 Probationary/Welfare Officer

Public Relation Officer (PRO)

 Programme Co- ordinator


 Patient Relation Officer / Liaison Officer

Counsellor – De-addiction, Organ  Transplantation, Child Guidance Clinic & Special Schools

 Medical Social Worker

 Psychiatric Social Worker

Assessment and Evaluation

•Continuous Internal Assessment I & II
•Model Examination
•End Semester Examination


What is the aim of this course?
Who can pursue MSW?
What is the eligibility criteria?
How Social Work is different from Social Service?
What are the placement opportunities?
Is Social Work, a Professional course?
Why this course is popular globally?
Is the curriculum offered a universally acceptable one?

Credits and Evaluation

In Master of Social Work Programme, the allocation of credits reflects the complexity and depth of the subject matter, as well as the expected level of student engagement in their Continuous Internal Assessment, End Semester Examinations, Concurrent Field Work, Rural Camp, Summer Internship, Block Placement Training, Social Laboratory and in Research.   Apart from the above, students are given credits for their Value Added Programme and Advanced Certificate Course

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