Open Source Software Cell

Open-source software (OSS) cell at CMS college of science and commerce, is a community of passionate students and faculties, who have come together for the cause of promoting and contributing to Open-Source Software. The cell strives to bring more student developers into the open-source community and thereby leading to OSS promotion within the institution. This cell was established under the Department of Computer Applications and Department of Information Technology in the year 2021-2022.


    • Flexibility And Agility.
    • Transparency. Whether we’re developing software or solving a business problem, we all have access to the information and materials necessary for doing our best work. …
    • Collaboration. …
    • Release early and often. …
    • Inclusive meritocracy. …
    • Community.
    • Cost-Effectiveness. 
    • Ability To Start Small. 
    • Solid Information Security. 
    • Attract Better Talent. 

Strategic Goals

  • To expose students to the OSS environment and facilitate them to use open software/ hardware.
  • To promote Research & Development activities on OSS.
  • To explore various Open-Source Certifications and Outreach Programmes.
  • To collaborate with and contribute to various open-source communities and societies.


The OSS Cell Programme of CMS college aims to provide services of OSS to group of interested students and teachers in the institution, called the OSS Cell, on a voluntary basis.



The vision of the OSS Cell is to encourage and promote the use of  Open Source Software among the students and teachers of the institution for every possible kind of use.



To promote the use of OSS (Open-Source Software) technologies and applications among students and faculties and to encore them in contributing towards the community development in OSS, CMS college of science and commerce has initiated setting up of OSS in computer lab, in the year 2021. The Cell’s activities are bound in participation with the members of the institutions. 


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Committee Members



Sindhuja S – Convenor

Computer Applications


Ronish C R – Convenor

Information Technology


Harini J – Student Co-ordinator

Computer Applications


Aravind R – Student Co-ordinator

Information Technology

That OSS that we include in Lab is

  1. GIMP -A rich photo manipulation program that can serve as a full replacement for Adobe Photoshop:
  2. Audacity – Audio recording and editing:





Oss cell inauguration


Tool working 


2 day workshop for other department 


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