CMS CARE Guidance and Counselling Centre was established in the year 2009 to provide counselling to students for their academic and personal problems. In addition, its extends its services to teaching and non- teaching members too.

Vision & Mission


To provide psychosocial support to students and equip them with life skills for wholesome personality development.


  • To provide supportive services for students with psychosocial and maladjustmental problems.
  • To provide life skills education to students for their personality development.
  • To liaison with students, teachers and parents for their overall development.


  • To counsel students’ emotional problems and psycho-social maladjustments.
  • To guide and counsel the parent of student with problems.
  • To provide referral service if necessary.
  • To train students on life skills and holistic personality development.

Individual Counselling

Students with psychological or social problems were identified by the Class in-charge or mentors were sent CMS CARE for individual counselling.

Group Counselling

School students and industrial employees were given group counselling.


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